Guitar is Hard

guitar chord diagramsHey, Sam here again. I’m gonna get the others to pitch in on this blog. I don’t want to get stuck as the ONLY one writing entries!

So yeah, guitar is really f***ing hard to learn. But I have to say, I’m making pretty good progress. In total I’ve been playing for 9 months. I’m very comfortable with chords, and am starting to get comfortable with basic soloing, which feels awesome. I got my parents to buy me a guitar last Christmas, I love my guitar I’ll write more about that another time. My parents were also nice enough to sign me up for guitar lessons. I had to go to this guy’s house once a week, and we’d get to learning. The thing is, I’m not sure if my guitar teacher wasn’t very good or what, but I felt like I was making progress faster but he wouldn’t really give me credit for it or want to move along faster. Guess I maybe have a knack for it, who knows. Anyhow I won’t say the teacher’s name here but that whole experience kind of sucked.

I wanted to talk to other people who were serious about starting out learning the guitar, so I found some forums and started doing some research on online guitar lessons. I kind of went into it thinking I was gonna have to pay to get something of quality. I mean, lots of stuff on the internet is free but typically higher quality stuff is not. YouTube lessons have helped me out a little bit. Check out these channels:

These are good for me now that I have 9 months of playing under my belt. Basically I want to figure out how to play a song, or do a specific technique and channels like those might have something. However, they way I was able to make really fast progress in the beginning is by signing up for guitar lesson courses online. I found this site that compared some online electric guitar lessons, and I convinced my parents to spend $20 per month on those rather than $50 per week for my guitar lesson guy. What’s amazing is that I was able to learn at  a much faster pace and move through the lessons whenever I wanted to. No lessons are magic, though, you have to put in the work and practice. I’ve looped the video lessons over and over and over again in order to really nail them down. My sister Tara has been taking a few bass lessons and she compares it to learning a language using Rosetta Stone or something, where you can skim through it to just get it done, or actually do lessons over and over until you really nail them. I feel like I’ve been nailing my guitar lessons and definitely have moved past the total beginner stage.

Song writing is going well, we have 3 songs written, 2 of which we’re kinda happy with. We’re realizing we’re all gonna have to figure out how to get some recordings made, which will be a whole new adventure and hopefully doesn’t mean we have to shell out too much money on buying a ton of gear!!

Go pay for some guitar lessons, PRACTICE, and go start a band. Or do what I did and decide you want to start a band FIRST and then get a bunch of people together who need to learn how to play instruments 😀

Much love