Bowie’s in space…

I think this is appropriate to post now. RIP David Bowie!

For some reason YouTube won’t let me embed this, but you should watch it πŸ˜‰ Flight of the Conchords: David Bowie

Until then, this gif will do πŸ˜€

David Bowie Flight of the Conchords

Bowie’s in space
Bowie’s in space
Whatcha doin’ out there, man?
That’s pretty freaky, Bowie.
Isn’t it cold out in space, Bowie?
Do you want to borrow my jumper, Bowie?
Does the space cold make your nipples go pointy, Bowie?
Do you use your pointy nipples as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to Earth?
I bet you do you freaky old bastard you
Do you have one really funky sequined space suit, Bowie,
Or do you have several ch-changes?
Do they smoke grass out in space man, or do they smoke Astroturf?